Welcome to the Adachi World Tour 2011 Anthology project. We're uniting Persona 4 artists from around the globe to make a homage to everyone's favorite baddie, Adachi Tohru. The Anthology will be distributed at Japanese Comic Markets and North American Anime/Manga conventions. You can check out the specifics here, and be sure to check out our twitter!

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Book Outline

Title: Adachi World Tour
Printing Size: A5
Binding: Right-bound (Eastern/Manga Style)
Cover: Full-color
Inside: Black and White
Content: Comic and Illustration
Age Group: 15+
Pages: 66
Price: $10
Release Date: Q1 2012

This anthology is a homage to Persona 4's Adachi Tohru, meaning that all comics and illustrations and comics printed in this anthology will feature him in some way. The goal of Adachi World Tour is to get fans of the series worldwide to work together on a single project. We want to see how much the world loves Adachi!


Participating Artists

Koba (United States of America)

Lain (United States of America)

Fuseya Nikawa (Japan)

Ofuda (England)

Nai (Brazil)

Cobalt Blue (Brazil)

ShinseiSeraph (England)

Murata (Japan)
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What language does my comic have to be in?
Please submit comics in either English or Japanese.

If I submit a comic to the anthology, do I get a cut of the profits?
No. This anthology is not for profit. Any proceeds will be used to cover the printing costs.

If I submit a comic to the anthology, will I get a copy of the book?

Can I write about a character romance? (ex. Main Character x Adachi)
As long as the central focus is Adachi, yes. Please make sure to keep all comics appropriate for a audience of 15+

Can I submit a piece of fiction?
Due to the multi-language nature of the anthology, no.

How about a full page illustration, then?
Yes! Of course! However, you will not get a copy of the anthology if you do not submit a comic. Additionally, please remember that all images will be printed in black and white.

I did not recieve an invite, but I want to participate. Can I?
Pitches are no longer being accepted.

When will the anthology be on sale?
First Quarter of 2012.



Please direct all comments and questions to adachiworldtour**gmail.com
(Please replace the ** with an @ symbol when sending a mail).